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Reach for the ground with Air Lift Performance and REALLY lower your 1991 VW GTI MK2/MK3. The GTI is the perfect sports car for power and control, with the driving force you crave. With Air Lift Performance, we take the VW to new lows with our factory replacement air suspension kit, while maintaining the performance suspension qualities you need.

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Total Control at Your Fingertips

Imagine having complete control of your car's height and comfort with just the touch of a button. With the Air Lift Performance 3H and 3P Air Management Systems, you can do just that!

Utilizing an intuitive and user-friendly controller and FREE app, you can effortlessly adjust your ride's characteristics to match your driving style, road conditions, or even your mood.

A Suspension System That Adapts to Your Needs

With Air Lift Performance Suspension, you can effortlessly customize your ride height to suit your preferences.

Slam it low for a show-stopping stance or raise it up to conquer any road condition.