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General Questions

Is air suspension reliable?
Can air suspension be used in the winter?
Where can I get air suspension installed?
How much does the installation of an air ride cost?
What is the difference between Slam Series and Performance Series?
Can I install air suspension myself?
What is the difference between analog, manual and digital air management?
What is the difference between air line sizes?
Do I need to buy an air management system?
What is a water trap and should I buy one?


Air bag / air spring
Aired out
Bellows air spring
Camber plate
Check valve
Compression damping
Double adjustable
Handling balance
Leader line (hose)
Monotube Shock/strut
Rebound damping
Ride height
Roll plate
Shock dyno
Sleeve-style air spring
Solenoid valve
Spherical (ball) bearing
Spring rate
Tapered sleeve air spring
Twin-tube Shock/strut


I’m using height mode but, when I’m obtaining a preset, the corner pressure values don’t always return to the same value.
When obtaining a preset, one or more corners do not seem to target the correct height or pressure value.
I occasionally receive a height/pressure sensor limit fault.
Can I run two compressors off the main harness and relay?
I am unable to download the Air Lift Performance 3 app on my Android. Every time I try to download it, I receive the message “App is not compatible with this device.”
My Air Lift Performance 3 app is experiencing connectivity issues.
All of a sudden, I cannot discover the manifold on my iOS or Android app.
My display seems to randomly shut off and reboot itself.
My display shuts off and keeps rebooting, never making it to the main screen.
I have heard there is a way to update the software of the manifold and display. How can I do that?
After updating the software, the display says “ECU Not Found”. Is my manifold dead?
After updating the software, the display is blank. Is my display dead?