BMW 3-Series G20/G21 (2020-2023)

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We have stepped up the air suspension game with our new air strut with threaded body and bag-over-style. Our monotube struts are 30-way damping adjustable, and allow you to change the ride quality from a plush, smooth ride to a stiff performance feel with the twist of the damping knob.

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    This kit features:

    • 105mm/4.1" Drop
    • Proprietary Bolt-in Camber Plates
    • 30-Level Adjustable Damping
    • Double Bellows Progressive Rate Springs
    • High Performance Monotube Strut
    • High Quality Spherical Ball Upper Mounts
    • Braided Stainless Steel Leader Air Hoses
    • Threaded, Adjustable Strut Mounts
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    This kit features:

    • 155mm/6.1" Drop
    • 30-Level Adjustable Damping
    • Double Bellows Progressive Rate Springs
    • High Performance Monotube Shocks
Configure Your Kit
Select Your Air Management

Air Lift Performance 3H combines pressure-based control with ride-height sensing technology. While both types of air management have been utilized before, this is the first product to harness the benefits of both sytems – instantly improving suspension control, performance, and vehicle ride flexibility.


Big, sporty, powerful, and engaging to drive. The 2020+ BMW 3-series G20/G21 is built to perform, on the street, at the show, or on the track. All it needs is the lowered look and, with a little help from Air Lift Performance, it’ll be an absolute stunner.

Built to give the G20/G21 the ultimate low look without sacrificing any of its performance capabilities, the front kit features a drop of 105mm (4.1”) from stock ride height.

The threaded-body, monotube struts are paired with double-bellow air springs and feature 30 levels of damping adjustability, allowing you to perfectly customize the ride to your unique performance needs. Topped off with adjustable camber plates and stainless steel hoses, this high-performance kit will ensure that your BMW has a comfortable ride, superior body support, and precise steering feel.

In the rear, we paired threaded-body shocks with double-bellow air springs, also featuring 30 levels of damping adjustability, all combining to drop your G20/G21 down 155mm (6.1”).

Each Air Lift Performance kit comes with a detailed and fully illustrated instruction manual, helping you to get your car slammed in only a matter of hours. If you can install a stereo, swap out suspension parts, and own basic hand tools, you’ll have no problem getting your air suspension installed.

To ensure the longevity of the kit, all key suspension components have been tested on our hydraulic test rig for more than one million cycles, simulating around 100,000 miles, then tortured at extreme temperatures from -30º F to 150º F. Add that to our standard one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty – not to mention the Air Lift Performance reputation for exceptional customer service and technical support – and you can purchase this kit with peace of mind.
Get the performance you need and the stance you want. Start living your #lifeonair with Air Lift Performance today.

Model Fitment

  • 2020 – 2023 3-Series BMW AWD & RWD G20/G21 Chassis Models:
    • G20 318d RWD SEDAN
    • G20 320DX RWD SEDAN
    • G20 320dX AWD SEDAN
    • G20 320i RWD SEDAN
    • G20 320iX AWD SEDAN
    • G20 330d RWD SEDAN
    • G20 330dX AWD SEDAN
    • G20 330e RWD SEDAN
    • G20 330i RWD SEDAN
    • G20 330iX AWD SEDAN
    • G20 M340i RWD SEDAN
    • G20 M340iX AWD SEDAN
    • G21 318d RWD TOURING
    • G21 320d RWD TOURING
    • G21 320dX AWD TOURING
    • G21 320i RWD TOURING
    • G21 330d RWD TOURING
    • G21 330dX AWD TOURING
    • G21 330i RWD TOURING
    • G21 330iX AWD TOURING
    • G21 M340iX AWD TOURING

Install Details

  • Modifications Req. Front: NONE
  • Modifications Req. Rear: NONE

The car honestly rides amazing. I'm really impressed at how comfortable it is...

- Dave S

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