THROWBACK THURSDAY: Air Lift @ Ultimate Dubs 2017


The weather might suggest otherwise, but things are brightening up over in the UK… minus the whole Brexit thing.. That’s because we’re just a few weeks away from Ultimate Dubs – the unofficial ‘start’ of the UK show season – and an event Air Lift Performance has proudly sponsored and displayed at for many years now.


Ultimate Dubs is a pretty self-explanatory show. Take one indoor venue – a necessity for the UK in March – and then invite hundreds of high-quality show cars along. Host it over a weekend and the end result is a killer event which gives an insight into what you can expect from the tuning scene throughout the rest of the year.

The most encouraging aspect of Ultimate Dubs is just how much the show has expanded year after year. In fact, it’s now the largest indoor VAG tuning show across the whole of the UK! Why? Well the winter months in Britain are properly bleak. There’s minimal daylight, a persistent drizzle and dreaded salt on the roads. Put simply, it’s not a good time to drive interesting cars. The remedy? Take ’em off the road and rebuild ’em in time for the shows to kick-off once again!


Combine this with an invite-only event and the quality of cars on display really is second to none. What’s more, the indoor location (and lighting) means every stone chip, paint swirl or even spec of dust is highlighted far worse than an outdoor show, so having a super-clean car is non-negotiable…

For this week’s #ThrowbackThursday, we’re taking it back to Ultimate Dubs 2017 which – terrifyingly – is already two years ago. UD 2017 well and truly set the benchmark for all others to follow, and Air Lift Performance was super-proud to see so many quality cars running our products across all three halls. In fact, Air Lift Performance dominated the main hall with a complete stand alongside Car Audio & Security, Players Show and Meguiar’s UK.


One of our favorites from the 2017 show was the Car Audio & Security Mk7 Golf R – the perfect example of style and performance working perfectly together with a little help from Rotiform’s cast LSR wheel design.


Looking through 2017’s pictures, we can’t wait to get stuck back in next month with Ultimate Dubs 2019. We’ll be bringing you an exclusive preview closer to the time, but expect some all-new show cars along with several classics making a welcome reappearance. Oh, and you can expect an even bigger and better Air Lift stand in the main hall too…

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