Speedhunting isn't easy, living with 3H is.


When Paddy McGrath isn’t managing a hectic Speedhunters schedule, he can be found enjoying his MK6 GTi.

The tornado-red 6th gen GTi is equipped with Air Lift Performance threaded body struts, teamed with Air Lift Performance’s 3H air management system. This combination provides the GTi with the perfect opportunity to take on multiple personalities, offering a huge range of flexibility, showcasing it’s sleek characteristics.

Part show car, part track car, Paddy also uses it to commute and as a practical hauler for photoshoots too.


Two consecutive visits to England have really helped Paddy to put in the miles that give the proper Air Lift Performance 3H experience. He initially installed the system himself with help from some friends and found the whole process pretty straightforward, thanks to the in-depth install instruction manual provided with the kit.

He even installed a dedicated iPhone mount to utilize the wireless function of 3H and the Air Lift Performance 3 iPhone app! The app is also available for most Android devices.


But don’t take our word for it. Head over to www.speedhunters.com and check out the latest update on the project, and check out what it is like to make the move to an Air Lift Performance air suspension.


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