SPOTLIGHT: Andi Riley's Audi 100 S Coupe


With the show season slowly passing us by in the midst of a global pandemic, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking back to the few events we were able to get to before mass gatherings went on pause.

As many have headed back into the garage, we can’t help but get a little bit excited about what new show builds we will get to see when we are able. This might mean the car community levels up with more ingenious mods and attention to detail.

One man who doesn’t need much more time for detail is Andi Riley with his 100 Coupe. He pretty much stole the show at the UK’s Ultimate Dubs event earlier this year.

The first thing that caught our eye in the entrance hall was the shape. The Audi 100 S Coupe isn’t something you see every day. In fact, relatively few were produced and even less survive today. It’s such a well proportioned and pretty car, with a sloping fast back roofline.

But as you approach the car it’s the level of detail and care that Andi and his team at @notjustcampers has applied that begins to shine. This car has undergone a full restoration to get to this level, far from the sort of project you can turn around in a weekend.

Check out how it started:

With such a comprehensive strip down and rebuild, it’s surprising how sympathetic the modifications are to the original form. Everything works together in a really cohesive package and the Ultimate Dubs judges agreed, awarding Andi Car of Show at the event.

Inside the car a mix of leather and wood covered the surfaces, with a custom mount housing the Air Lift Performance 3P controller. It integrates the modern tech into the ’70s interior perfectly.

Air Lift Performance suspension also allows the unique body lines to sit low over the custom Lancia Delta HF Integrale wheels. We don’t think we’ll be seeing another set of these any time soon. To match the performance credentials of the wheels, Andi’s also slid a turbocharged, four pot under the hood, although it’s a 20VT from the Audi stable rather than an Italian one.

It’s so cool to think that all the time people are thinking up new combinations of parts to create their own visions. We’d not considered an Audi 100 S Coupe before, let alone Lancia wheels and a 1.8T engine. Long may it continue, we can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up.

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