#lifeonair: Rachel Potter’s 2012 Mustang GT/CS 5.0


Rachel Potter was eight years old when she started going to car shows, and she remembers the day she picked out her dream car. She took one look at the red 1965 289 Hi-Po Mustang and thought to herself, “I’m gonna have one.”

Years have passed, and now Rachel has a ‘Stang all her own. Not only that, but her ‘12 Mustang GT/CS 5.0 has been running on Air Lift’s digital suspension kit for ’05 to ’14 Mustangs for about a month and a half.

Photo by Jonathan Daniels - 2012 Ford Mustang

“It just rides better,” she states simply, and goes on to explain the notable difference she feels while driving her ‘Stang on air: the smoother ride, the adjustability, minimized roll and sway…the works. Before switching to Air Lift, she was riding on OEM Racing suspension, and noted that it was too static and stiff for her liking. Out in Arizona, the roads get rough, and Rachel even mentions her crazy driveway…she needed a reliable, readily customizable way to enjoy a lowered car.

“I talked to a few Air Lift guys at Mustang Week,” Rachel says, when asked what brought her to Air Lift Performance, “I talked to Jeremy Hart for four days and didn’t get sick of him.” Ultimately, Rachel describes how the engaged, knowledgeable Air Lift employees led her to choose Air Lift above other air spring suspension companies—especially once she saw an air-lifted car in action on the track.

Photo by Jonathan Daniels - 2012 Ford Mustang

When asked about any upcoming modifications, Rachel discusses the prospect of building a naturally aspirated car, and hopes to go wild with the suspension, in general.

“The car will hopefully be changed up under the hood shortly—with the re-installation of a Boss 302 Manifold, new throttle body, and possibly a hot rod cam setup and new headers to pair up with my off-road H-Pipe and Flowmaster Outlaws. The auto transmission will hopefully be receiving an upgraded torque converter and new gears soon as well!”

We asked Rachel Potter what’s next. If she picks out a new ride, what will it be? Without hesitation, Rachel responds:

“It’ll be another Mustang.”

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