Introducing JVC's killer GT86


There are not many new ways to take on the GT86 shape, it’s been one of the most popular bases for builds in recent years. There’s been drag cars, stance cars, race cars and every type of car in between. None have been quite as futuristic as this though, JVC UK‘s GT86.

This car was unveiled at Players Classic show to a crowd of fans. But why? Well, this build is in collaboration with the infamous electronic concept artist Khyzyl Saleem.

The build uses Air Lift Performance 3P to create a hover-car looking stationary parked look. It’s like one of @thekhyza’s renders had literally jumped out of the screen and come to life.

The real car has stayed impressively close to the concept the JVC team created, and full credit to them for that. So often we see renders create huge impact then become watered down by reality. In real life this car has huge presence, partly down to the enormous proportions of the rear wheels.

What might surprise you is that this car was completed in a little over 8 weeks in complete secret. How often can you say that you see a car first at a car show without even so much as a glimpse of the car online. That is a very rare thing these days.

If companies and builders start to moved to look to buck the social-media-frenzy trend and bring out surprises like this at events in the future we are going to have some very interesting and less predictable shows to come. There’s something about the lack of need for validation that really speaks to us with this approach. It’s also awesome to see more of Khyza’s renders become reality, nothing beats the internet in real life.

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