Fun in the Sun at the Car Audio Security BBQ


British people love the sunshine, so much so that they declare several bank holidays during the summer months just to bask in the limited and unpredictable UK sun.

It’s also the perfect excuse to clean your car and cruise to a meet. This August’s bank holiday saw Car Audio Security hold an Air Lift BBQ meet-up at their HQ.

Cars and owners from across the country gathered to enjoy the sun, hot dogs, and ice cream rolls (and some awesome builds on display, of course). Meets like this are a great way to see how people personalize their cars using Air Lift Performance products and it’s always amazing to see how varied the cars have become.

Everything from custom built retro-BMWs to Lupos, Lexus’ and even track cars attended. It was a true celebration of car culture!

One of our favorites from the event was Players Show’s Escort RS Turbo, lowered on custom Air Lift Performance struts – it modernizes the retro feel of the car without sacrificing the authenticity. The RS 7-spoke wheels are a period touch and, if you would have seen this car on these wheels in the mid 1990s, you’d know they would have been top-dog on the council estate.

No meet is complete without prize offerings for the best cars, but there was also a race simulator where the fastest drivers could battle it out for the fastest lap time, plus more sunshine than anyone could need. It was the perfect round-off for the three day weekend in the UK.

Check out the gallery below to get the vibe from the event:

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