Air Lift Performance VW Mk7 (2014+) Threaded-Body Kit


Since 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has set the standard of what makes a good hot hatchback. Combining German engineering and reliability with a hugely versatile chassis, the Golf is capable of supporting a massive range of engines and specs – from eco diesels to 300bhp and AWD. It’s no surprise the VW Golf is a firm favorite in the tuning world, and the latest Mk7 Golf R is the fastest model yet!


We are proud to offer a high-performance, threaded-body system designed for VW Mk7, which includes fitment for several MK7 models (2014+), giving you the ability to adjust the ride height even while on the move. This is one of our most comprehensive kits available, with each strut being a direct replacement for the OEM items including custom proprietary lower control arms for the rear. Once installed, we give your Mk7 up to 4.8″ of drop in the front up to 5.8″ in the rear. The end result is a killer stance and improved suspension performance, both provided without sacrificing practicality.


We achieve these results by using a smooth-riding, double-bellows air spring to a threaded body monotube strut in the front, and double bellows bags with monotube shocks for the rear, both providing 30 levels damping adjustment to suit all of your driving needs – from pillow soft all the way up to a stiff performance setup. Also included are bolt-in camber plates, made of T6061 red anodized aluminum, provide alignment-tuning capability and help with wheel fitment. Each strut also features a threaded-body, which allows you to perfectly set up the vehicle by changing the position of the lower mount on the strut.


The Mk7 (2014+) threaded-body kit is available with a range of Air Lift Performance air-management options, including our innovative 3H height and pressure sensing system. We use a state-of-the-art 32-bit processor, and advanced height + pressure algorithms, then paired them with a full color controller with built-in Bluetooth connectivity in order to make 3H the most advanced air management system on the market.


Installation is simple with our detailed instruction manuals. Anyone with the skill to wire a stereo and to swap suspension components can have their car on the ground in only a matter of hours. Basic hand tools are the only things necessary to complete the job. Keep in mind that if you are looking for the ultimate low look, some modifications and fabrication will be required.


We test the components of this kit to 1 million cycles (approximately 100,000 miles) on a hydraulic test rig at temperatures from -30°F to 150°F. This test lab work, coupled with thousands of miles of on-road testing, not to mention a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, gives you a kit that you know you can count on to handle whatever the road throws down

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