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  • #LIFEONAIR Ryan Stewart’s Supercharged Alpina B10

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    Driving a modified car across a continent is never an easy task, never mind finishing that car late the night before departing on said cross-continental journey. Nothing about this is going to be smooth sailing. But that’s exactly what Ryan Stewart did before he left for Wörthersee 2017. Suffice to say there were teething problems along the way, […]

  • #LIFEONAIR: Jack Williams’s Bagged and Swapped 1986 BMW 520i

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    Buying a supercar is a lifelong ambition for most petrolheads, and one that only a small percentage will ever achieve. But what’s often not considered – possibly due to just how unobtainable the idea seems – is the fact that some dream cars can actually turn out to be a bit dull. Never meet your heroes, right? Jack […]

  • #LIFEONAIR Ben Chandler’s BMW F80 M3

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    There’s not much that’s more sinister than a black on black BMW F80 M3. Except, perhaps, one that’s black-on-black and sits a full 4.4 inches lower than stock… That could be an improvement! With an incredibly low ride height, Ben’s M3 was an attention-grabbing addition to the Wörthersee convoy. It’s no slouch – with an Autobahn crushing […]

  • Cody Miles’ Subaru STi at The Speed Ring Event

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    lifeonair as he embarks on another

  • #LifeOnAir: Kiran Halsey’s F80 BMW M3

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    The F80 M3 is the one of the most potent BMWs to come from Munich, boasting a 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine, sending 444bhp to the rear wheels… all standard. Throw a bit of software into the mix and you’re looking at 500bhp and 190+mph! But the M3 has never been about straight line speed – that’s purely […]

  • GALLERY: Air Lift Performance @ SEMA 2017 – Part 2

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  • VIDEO: Jack’s air-equipped and air-cooled Type 3 VW

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    “They don’t make ’em like they used to.” While that’s a phrase commonly thrown around these days, but in the case of Jack’s Type 3 Volkswagen, it couldn’t be more true! First introduced back in 1961, the Volkswagen Type 3 was built as a compact family car available in a range of different styles including […]

  • Wörthersee 2018 Recap Video

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    Wörthersee was a blast again this year, and we expected nothing less. Great people, great cars, great food, great scenery - what more do you need?

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