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  • #LIFEONAIR: Ryan Stewart’s Alpina B10 on 3H – PT 1

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    It’s not very often you see an Alpina B10, let alone one that has been modified. BMW works very closely with Alpina, all the way down to the sharing production lines, but Alpina’s vehicles stand completely separate from the BMW. This B10 is based on the BMW E39 platform and is number 58 of 472 UK Alpina B10s, […]

  • #LIFEONAIR Steve Fraser’s Audi S3 Sedan

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    Those familiar with the UK show scene have no doubt have seen Steve Fraser’s (IG: @S30BMX) S3 before. What you might not know however is the grey and black sedan packs a 500bhp punch with a host of performance upgrades under the skin. Everything is not as it first seems with this car, with a hybrid […]

  • #LIFEONAIR: Ryan Stewart’s Alpina B10 on 3H – PT 2

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    During our first update, Ryan got all the major components installed, so now he can move on to the setup of his Air Lift Performance 3H system. Air Lift Performance 3H uses both a pressure-monitoring manifold and individual height sensors mounted at each corner. The manifold ECU processes these eight digital inputs in order to maintain a precise rise and […]

  • #LIFEONAIR: Drew Fiorentine’s E350 4matic

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    Drew Fiorentine‘s unique E350 4matic shows exactly what is possible with a little ingenuity and, of course, Air Lift Performance universal build parts. The E350 4matic is certainly a road less traveled when we’re talking about stance perfection, but Drew chose to break the mold with this Mercedes build. Realizing that the Chrysler 300C shares the front suspension […]

  • Lexus LS 400 (1989-2000)

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  • #LIFEONAIR: Darren Anson’s Nissan R35 GT-R

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    Since its launch back in 2007, the Nissan GT-R has set the benchmark for what a proper sports car should be capable of. When it was developed on the infamous Nurburgring track, the GT-R quickly became renowned for being a ‘Porsche killer.’ This is mostly in part to its ability to circle the 14.2-mile circuit […]

  • #LIFEONAIR: Eloise Saunders Mk3 Audi TT

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    Air Lift Performance air suspension, matched with Rotiform wheels. Sure, it’s a simple combination, but it’s one that ALWAYS works. Case in point? Eloise Saunders’ immaculate Mk3 Audi TT. Spotted last weekend at the Ultimate Dubs show in Telford, England, Eloise’s Audi TT is the perfect example of less really meaning more. Choosing the right base model […]

  • #LIFEONAIR: Parm Panesar’s – Sakhir Orange F80 M3 Stunner

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    It’s no secret that Air Lift Performance’s engineering division has been perfecting a kit for the hugely popular F80 M3 and F82 M4 range. The latest M3 variant has proven to be the latest hot ticket in BMW circles and is due for release very soon. Always ahead of the curve, Parm Panesar was able to […]

  • #LIFEONAIR: Dwane Thompson’s aired-out Vauxhall Adam

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    You know what we love the most about the tuning scene? All the thinking outside the box. At a show like Ultimate Dubs, it’s very easy to become accustomed to a certain style of tuning. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this (it is your car after all), it’s equally as refreshing to see something […]

  • #LIFEONAIR: Jason Zeigler’s VW Mk7 Golf R

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    Ultimate Dubs unearthed some pretty special Air Lift Performance-equipped rides. One of our favorites was this Mk7 VW Golf R belonging to London-based Jason Zeigler. Proudly displayed on the Car Audio & Security stand in the main hall, Jason’s Mk7 R is a great example of speed and style working in perfect harmony – something we firmly […]

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