VW Golf SportWagen TDi (MK7)

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We have stepped up the air suspension game with our new air strut with threaded body and bag-over-style. Our monotube struts are 30-way damping adjustable, and allow you to change the ride quality from a plush, smooth ride to a stiff performance feel with the twist of the damping knob.

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    This kit features:

    • 116mm/4.6" Drop
    • Double Bellows Progressive Rate Springs
    • 30-Level Adjustable Damping
    • Threaded, Adjustable Strut Mounts
    • High Performance Monotube Strut
    • Proprietary Bolt-in Camber Plates
    • High Quality Spherical Ball Upper Mounts
    • Braided Stainless Steel Leader Air Hoses
    • No Modifications Necessary for Installation
Configure Your Kit
Select Your Air Management

Air Lift Performance 3H combines pressure-based control with ride-height sensing technology. While both types of air management have been utilized before, this is the first product to harness the benefits of both sytems – instantly improving suspension control, performance, and vehicle ride flexibility.


Volkswagen has been making cars for a very long time, and for as long as they have been building, people like you have been modifying their cars to suit your own personal tastes.  Now, Air Lift Performance can help you attain the look and driving character you crave for your MK7-based ride, using 50mm diameter front struts and a twist beam rear suspension.

With the launch of the MK7 platform, VW continued to use their tried-and-true platform recipe to bring a large number of models to market using the same underpinnings. The important part of this process is for you is for you to identify your suspension type and order the appropriate kit.

In front, you need to make sure that the diameter of the bottom of the strut, where it gets clamped by the knuckle, is 50mm in diameter. If this measures out to 55mm, then you need to order part number 78522.  VW seems to mix up this specification depending on model and trim. International customers should take the extra time to determine these measurements, as we may not have access to your model’s requirement at this time.  

For the rear, check to make sure that you have a twist beam suspension. Use the image below to help you identify your type:


Shown: One side of the rear twist beam aka torsion beam suspension

If you have a multi-link suspension, you need to order part number 78664.  

If you have found this to be the correct product for your ride, you will be happy to know that you can expect a similar drop height and road manners that you’ve come to expect from Air Lift Performance on other VW platforms!

Speaking of drop height, our kits will slam your VW 4.6” (116mm) in front and 5.4” (136mm) out back. The best part? Those numbers are achieved without making any modifications to the chassis! So, how did we do that?  

The front kit starts with our 30-level damping-adjustable, threaded-body, monotube struts and progressive rate double bellows air springs. This combo gives you the ability to tune your ride height and quality to perfectly suit your taste and mission. To complete the package, we add bright red anodized, T6061 camber plates that locate the struts with high quality spherical bearings. The approximately three degrees of camber adjustment that these plates provide allow for alignment fine-tuning for perfect wheel fitment or maximum grip.

In the back, the springing duties are handled by our innovative 2B5 (5.5 inch diameter) progressive-rate, double-bellows air springs that fit perfectly in the tight package of the twist beam spring pockets.  Controlling the springs are 30-level damping-adjustable, threaded body monotube shocks that are tuned to  match the character of the springs.  Again, no modifications are requires to properly install this kit!  

Speaking of installation, all our kits come with extensive instructions to guide you through the necessary steps.  If you can install suspension components and wire a stereo, you have all the skills required to make it happen on your own.  And if you get stuck, our highly regarded customer service crew is a phone call or email away.  Just another way that Air Lift is there to support you after the sale.

If all of the above doesn’t quite convince you that we offer the best air suspension available, then you may want to learn about our in-house testing.  The major components must meet our stringent requirements of 1 million cycles on our hydraulic test rig that simulates 100,000 miles of road use.  We also freeze them to -40F and heat them to 150F to ensure proper function no matter the climate! There is even a salt spray corrosion test for those of us that deal with winter’s punishment.   And, just in case, we also include a 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty for peace of mind.

Simply put: we offer the most versatile suspension with the lowest drop available for the MK7.  We back it up with industry leading validation and customer service while providing excellent ride quality and superior handling.  Isn’t it time to find a dealer, order up a suspension kit with one of our innovative control systems and start living your #lifeonair!

Model Fitment

  • 2015-2019 VW Golf: SportWagenS TDi (MK7 50mm front, twist beam rear)
  • 2015-2019 VW Golf: SportWagenSE TDi (MK7 50mm front, twist beam rear)
  • 2015-2019 VW Golf: SportWagenSEL TDi (MK7 50mm front, twist beam rear)

Looking for the MK7 55mm front, multi-link rear?

Install Details

  • Modifications Req. Front: NONE
  • Modifications Req. Rear: NONE

Rear: Hole must be drilled for the supplied nutsert.

I recommend Air Lift to anyone looking to fit their car with a suspension that is track ready, show ready, and daily ready.

- Corey W

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