Height + Pressure

The all new air management system from Air Lift Performance uses both height and pressure sensors to provide the most innovative air suspension control ever.

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3H Controller

Don't Settle

Get all the advantages of height sensors + the added intelligence of a system that also considers pressure.

System Features


Height + Pressure
Pressure Only


Available in 3H Systems Available in 3P Systems

Both systems come with the Air Lift Performance 3 controller, a device that is truly amazing to hold and to use.

Free Mobile App

Take full control of your 3H/3P system with a FREE mobile app with no additional hardware needed, for all compatible devices.

Fully Integrated Manifold

By combining the ECU, pressure manifold, and Bluetooth module into one compact unit, the new manifold takes up less space than multiple components.

5 Custom Presets

The system quickly adjusts to and maintains height and/or pressure presets with the with single or double tap.

Height + Pressure

The system comes with everything needed for height and pressure control up front, for the best value. Start driving in pressure mode and install height sensors later, without the need to purchase an upgrade.

Height Sensing Technology

Height sensors give the system the ability to automatically adapt to changes in vehicle load.

Anti-Cross Loading + Axle Equalization

With the combination of pressure and height sensing technology, 3H can achieve the correct height without radical differences in pressure.

Show Mode

Turn your vehicle off and continue to control your air management via the controller or FREE mobile app.

Rise on Start

Turn the key and the system will take you right to your programmed ride height.

Easy Install

The key components of this system require less drilling, wiring, and take up less space than other air management systems for a cleaner install.

Innovative Control

Take your air game to a whole new level with our intuitive controller, featuring a full color display and rotatable keypad, tailored to your vehicle's setup.

  1. 1 Tank Pressure
  2. 2 4-Corner Active Height & Pressure Readings
  3. 3 TFT Display with Adjustable Backlight
  4. 4 5 Custom Presets
  5. 5 Individual Air Spring Control
  1. 6 Threaded for Custom Mounting
  2. 7 Black Anodized, CNC-Machined Casing
  3. 8 Micro-USB Port
  4. 9 Configure Keypad for Horizontal Mounting

Tap that app

Free. Easy. No additional hardware to buy or install.

System Updates

Updated system software can be sent directly to the manifold and controller via the mobile app!

Bluetooth Powered

Use your compatible mobile device as the controller.

Fully Integrated Manifold

The ultimate air suspension setup needs the most advanced manifold.
  • Manifold Options

    Manifolds are available with standard 1/4" and 3/8" Push-to-Connect (PTC) ports or 1/4" FNPT threaded ports for customization options.

  • Advanced Processing

    The state-of-the-art 32-bit processor powers advanced height + pressure algorithms for the most precise 4-corner control.

  • Single Harness Connection

    The system comes with a simple and streamlined wiring harness for an easy and clean install.

  • Fully Integrated

    Less components to buy and install with the ECU, manifold, and Bluetooth in one.

  • Built-in Bluetooth

    No antennas, hardware, or additional accessories are needed to connect your mobile device to the manifold.

  • Accelerometer

    The system detects the movement of the vehicle and makes accurate and intelligent adjustments at the right time.

  • Limitless Mounting Options

    The compact design, harness connector location, and rotatable logo plate all allow for limitless placement options.

Reach New Heights

Improved Design

Our engineers focused on creating an improved height sensor arm with an angular design to ensure increased sensor life compared to straight-arm designs.

Height Sensor Compatibility

Connect any existing compatible height sensors to 3P, or easily upgrade with the height upgrade package, and you now have 3H.

Slim Connection

3H height sensor cables have tiny connectors, which mean they have the ability to fit through many existing holes in the vehicle's frame and body. No more drilling large holes!

Torture Tested

3,000,000 Cycles

The height sensors, manifold, and controller have undergone 3,000,000 cycles on a test rig, simulating 300,000 miles on a vehicle.

Hydro Punished

Components have all been tested in various hydro simulations to ensure they are water resistant.

Fried and Frozen

Components were baked to a blistering 167°F (74°C) and arctic chilled to -40°F to ensure they will work, whatever your climate.

Standing behind our products

2015 SEMA Global Media Award Winner

Selected by top international journalists as one of the best products at SEMA.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every 3H/3P system is covered against manufacturer defects with a limited lifetime warranty.

Dedicated Customer Service

Buying Air Lift Performance products means that you get access to our industry-leading customer service and technical support.

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Install on Classic Vehicle
Install on Late-Model Vehicle
3H Air Management

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