• ATW: South Africa – A Triple Threat Of Golf Rs

    Since the Volkswagen Golf R’s release back in 2009, it’s taken the popularity of VW’s Golf to a whole new level. Adding AWD to a turbocharged hot-hatch was always going to be a winning formula, and that’s even before you introduce it to the world of tuning! Ever since the ’80s the original Golf GTI […]

  • ATW: China – Kantoworks and triSEGGA’s Lexus LC500h

    For this week’s installment of Air Lift Performance Around The World Series (ATW) we’re heading back east all the way to China – the third biggest country in the world with the largest population of all. China may not strike you as a place for petrolheads, but with more than 4.24 million kilometers of paved […]

  • ATW: Indonesia – Inside Art Custom Works & Karma’s 987

    For round two of our new Air Lift Around the World Series (ATW), we’re heading over to the city of Bandung, Indonesia to visit one of the country’s leading Air Lift Performance suppliers and installers, Art Custom Works. Indonesia’s tuning scene is surely thriving right now, with much of the inspiration and appeal coming from Japanese […]

  • AIR LIFT AROUND THE WORLD: Inside Air Ride Suspension Supplies, Australia

    Air Lift Performance spans more than 40+ countries, with dealers and installers across the globe. We decided to pay some of these other countries a visit and bring you a look behind the scenes of the shops, cars, trucks, and dealers that make up our WorldWide Air Lift Performance family! For our first installment, we’re […]

I really could not be any happier with the kit. The thing that amazes me the most is the ride and handling.

- Steve O

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