One of the wildest things you can do to a car is pin on huge arches. But what about adding them to a Porsche, and removing the headlights in the process? That’s pretty extreme by anyone’s standards, and if that sounds kind of insane to you, well, it is! The guys at HOWDEEP? tackled a […]

  • SPOTLIGHT: Fabian’s DTM-style LTO E30 BMW

    If you know anything about the car scene, the name “Live to Offend” is one that you’re probably quite familiar with by now. LTO – Khyzyl Saleem’s body kit brand – has been a part of some of the hottest builds over the past year and has some of the wildest styling shapes going, bringing […]

  • SPOTLIGHT: Anton Moore’s Custom 1956 Corvette

    A ’50s Corvette might just be the physical embodiment of the American Dream – the iconic body style and the powerful V8 engine that moved it always made a big statement back in the day. The ’50s Corvette you’re about to see is Anton Moore’s version of that dream. His Corvette is an original 1956 […]

  • Gallery: Essen Motorshow 2019

    The Essen Motorshow is kind of a big deal – it’s the largest aftermarket tuning show in Europe, right when you thought show season was over. This is the show to attend in order to check out all of the cool new trends emerging from Europe. Essen is a marathon, not a sprint, for the exhibitors […]

I really could not be any happier with the kit. The thing that amazes me the most is the ride and handling.

- Steve O

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