• SPOTLIGHT: Riiva Design’s 2017 VW Arteon

    Regular readers of the Air Lift Performance blog will be all too familiar with the name Riiva Designs. Fronted by main man Henry Gilbert and based in Northamptonshire, England, Riiva Designs have been responsible for supplying (and installing) hundreds of Air Lift Performance kits over the years. Always keen to practice what he preaches, Henry […]

  • Audi R8 (2008-2015) Performance Series Kit

    The Audi R8 is a true daily-drivable supercar. The whole vehicle just screams performance – from the polished, sleek exterior to the powerful mid-mounted engine. In fact, the only thing keeping the R8 from being perfect is its ride height! So, Air Lift Performance stepped up their game and gave the R8 the slammed look […]

  • All he does is win

    No stranger to hard knocks, Cody’s back on top with another Gridlife takedown!

  • Bagged In Japan: Kayahashi-san’s BMW E46 M3

    It’s safe to say Air Lift Performance has taken the tuning world by storm in 2018. What started life as a (relatively) small, US-based suspension solution is now commonplace wherever you look in the world. Wanting to slam the latest hybrid road car? We’ve got you covered. Uber-rare classics? How low do you want to […]

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