• SPOTLIGHT: Leo’s F06 BMW Gran Coupe

    When it comes to building super saloons, few countries do it better than Germany. It’s a simple recipe they’ve nailed for decades: Take a big four-door base, cram it full of leather and tech, then squeeze a giant motor up front and produce more power than is really necessary for the road. Done. This formula […]

  • What’s in the Box?

    We all know what cars look like when fitted with Air Lift Performance products, but that’s only half the story. Air Lift Performance products are shipped worldwide, which means we have to protect this precious cargo from all the dangers that they might face on their travels. We take huge pride in our packaging and […]

  • SPOTLIGHT: “Frankenstein” MK1 Golf Show Car

    “They just don’t make show cars like they used to. Where’s the custom bodywork?” We hear it all the time. If you’ve ever uttered one of those phrases, feast your eyes on Tonksie’s ‘Frankenstein’ MK1 Golf. It’s quite refreshing. This build is an assault on the senses. That vibrant orange paintwork is striking in the […]

  • Celebrating Air Lift Performance Icons with Speedhunters

    Every now and then, a car comes along that takes the tuning world by storm. Enthusiasts love to modify them and companies support this enthusiasm by providing a ton of aftermarket parts for people to use to express themselves. We’ve teamed up with Speedhunters to celebrate three of these very different, very iconic model ranges. […]

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