• SPOTLIGHT: Fish’s VW Atlas Leads the Way in Family Style

    One day, there will come a time when you will have to choose between growing up and keeping that “car guy” spirit. At Air Lift Performance, we say you can have both! A rebel attitude with the practicalities of a four wheel drive – just because you’re growing up, doesn’t mean you can’t still have […]

  • GALLERY: Tokyo Auto Salon 2020

    The Japanese are experts when it comes to making things look very cool. A quick stroll through the halls of the Tokyo Auto Salon makes it abundantly clear that the Japanese have it fully locked down when it comes to creating insane builds. We’ve been attending the show at Makuhari Messe Event Center for several […]

  • Got a Refund? Take 15% Off!

    Tax refund burning a hole in your pocket? Got some leftover Christmas cash laying around? Get ready to spend it during Air Lift Performance’s annual Tax Time Sale! From Friday, February 14, 2020 through Tuesday, March 31, take 15% off of all your air suspension favs*. You heard that right – for a limited time, […]

  • The Ultimate Subaru Impreza

    Title catch your eye? That won’t be the only thing… This bright, candy-pink Subaru was entered into the 2019 SEMA battle of the builders by Croll’s Customs, and there’s way more to it that what first meets the eye. SEMA’s Battle of the Builders gives an opportunity for builders to showcase their talents. Industry legends […]

I have to say, the car felt amazing! I popped the trunk and blew people's minds when they realized I was on air!

- Cody M

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