Air Lift x Stance|Works competition winner announced!

And the winner is…

By: Air Lift Published: January 21, 2015 Comments: View

On December 19th, Air Lift Performance and Stance|Works joined forces and announced a competition to give away an air ride kit to one lucky participant. With more than 1,700 entries clocked up, it was no easy task to pick a winner. The entries were fantastic across the board, with some incredible cars and great stories.


It was tricky to narrow the field down to just 10 potential winners, but the Air Lift Performance and Stance|Works team eventually came to a unanimous decision…

Congratulations, Trevor Picknell! You are our winner.


Trevor’s entry included his long term project, a Volkswagen MK2 Scirocco which has been in his care for more than nine years. Trevor’s good humour and attitude to modifying cars stood out for us. His line that sealed the deal was this: “Sciroccos are not good-looking cars, and they need all the help they can get.” 

While the Scirocco may not be everyone’s ideal shape, we think they are pretty cool, and we’re very excited to see how Trevor uses his prize to get the Scirocco laying low!


We’ll be sure to revisit Trevor’s Scirocco for an upcoming feature, and cover the build in more detail. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and congratulations Trevor!

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