Carvin’ Corner’s

I have spent my fair share of road time behind the wheel of the Air Lift Performance Mustang GT, but have not had the opportunity to throw it around a real race track. So we packed up and headed for Waterford Hills road course.   Keep in mind I come from a drag racing background so this was my first time on an actual road course, so this was unfamiliar territory.

The day started off with taking a ride in our black pony with our resident hot shoe and ALP Engineering Ringleader Brian Vinson. Half way through lap one I was starting to rethink the decision I made to have a sausage McMuffin earlier that day. As I clung on for dear life to anything within my grasp, it made me realize that this car carves corners like Grandpa carves turkey on Thanksgiving.  Again not the best time to think of a food reference…. Brian was putting the car so hard into corners that most mortal men on traditional lowering springs or even coil-overs would cringe in fear.

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41hrs & 37mins driving a blown & bagged Mustang

Like the title says, I have spent a lot of time in the drivers seat of our 2005 Mustang GT lately.  Saturday & Sunday we were racing at the Motorstate Challenge at Gingerman Raceway, Monday a quick wash & detail, Tuesday morning a 15 hour road trip to Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach South Carolina to end it all with a trip back to Michigan.  So for all you people who thought we just babied our cars by trailering them from show to show, be prepared to be disappointed.

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