Universal air struts made easy

So you have a killer ride you want to get a little closer to mother earth, but you can’t find an air suspension kit to fit your application.  Have you ever thought about using Air Lift Performance’s universal air struts?

Alright I know what you are thinking, UNIVERSAL?!?  Yes, now you can use our struts and with a little fabrication work you can build your own air strut system to fit almost any vehicle on the road. Take a look at the recent write up our friends over at Stance Works put together and see how easy it can be to build your own kit.

Remember measure twice, pick out the correct universal air struts, read this article Bagging a car with ALP universal air struts, fire up the welder and go bag something!

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Air Lift Company has Universal Struts!!!

Not having a bolt on kit available I decided to use Air Lift’s “Short Bellow-Over Universal strut Kit #75562″ for the front and their “Long Sleeve-Over Universal Strut Kit #75567
” for the rear. To top it off we used Air Lift’s Digital AutoPilot, for the air Management kit #27639.

Well yes, actually they do. It seems not to many people know this. When I was a shop owner I was asked plenty of times to put air suspension on cars where no bolt-on kit was available. After turning away so much business I needed to find a solution. Air Lift Company was my answer.

They have a full line of universal struts, fronts and rears. Sleeves and Bellows, also different lengths and valving. With all the different options, the sky’s the limit on available applications. No more need to turn customers away when you have a kit for everyone.

Well, last fall I was asked to fit a Lexus LS460 for E Shift Performance, located in Cliffwood Beach, NJ.

I know it might seem like a tough job building custom struts, but it’s not. A lot of shops have the ability to do some pretty basic fab work and that is all you need to build a custom air kit. Having the stock suspension in hand makes it even easier. All you are doing is building an exact replica of the upper and lower mounts. Then taking measurement’s of the suspension travel. Once in hand a very straight forward build.

I hope this little bit of info will help steer you in the right direction when doing your next custom build. Shop owner’s and builder’s don’t lose out on a job when you can contact Air Lift and get everything needed. From start to finish, they are there for any air suspension needs.

If you have any questions about Air Lift Products, or using their universal struts, feel free to ask.

These products can be found at airliftperformance.com and through your local or online Air Lift Dealer.

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SCION “Tuner Challenge” fitted with Air Lift’s SCION tC kit

Stealthy and clean, Shawn Baker’s slammed tC is easily the sexiest coupe on the stand. Baker chose only to make changes that “complemented” the new-for-’11 design, hence the uncluttered body that sits good and low thanks to AIR LIFT’S SCION TC KIT and  its 19- x 8.5-inch front and 19- x 9.5-inch rear wheels. Under the skin, it’s a whole different story: an intercooled turbocharger, new exhaust, custom interior, and, of course, a zillion-watt sound system are ready to rumble. Awesome.

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