Fast Car’s Cover girl 350z gets the Air Lift makeover!

It’s always awesome to see Air Lift Performance supported in the media, and this month’s issue of Fast Car Magazines features the ‘Dream Build’ Nissan 350Z slammed on Air Lift Performance suspension. Built in just a few weeks the guys at Fast Car wanted a super-cool project with all the usability, performance and style a cover car should feature. Fast forward to now and it’s safe to say they’ve ticked all the right boxes! We’ll be bringing you an exclusive look behind the scenes of this build along with details on the air suspension install. Until then, check out the cover below and grab your online copy here:



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SPOTLIGHT: The Player’s 1966 Datsun 520

As the first official VAG event of the year, wild creations are almost a guarantee at Ultimate Dubs 2014. What you don’t expect to see is a 1966 Datsun 520 Minitruck…


Who could be responsible for such madness? The warped minds at Players of course! But this isn’t a name and shame post. In fact, the little Datsun turned out to be one of the most-popular cars on display despite its Japanese heritage. Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT: The Player’s 1966 Datsun 520” »

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#AirLift on Instagram: JDM Special!

Air suspension is commonplace in the VAG/Euro scene, but for Japanese car owners it’s just starting to make an impact. One of the big problems is simply lack of availability. So to combat this in 2014, Air Lift Performance has been busy developing high-performance kits for a range of JDM models including favorites from Subaru, Honda, Lexus and even the Nissan GT-R!  We LOVE hearing your feedback and seeing your rides, so this week we’re taking a closer look at some of the JDM cars out there running Air Lift suspension! Want us to see your Instagram pics? Make sure you use the tag #AirLift for a chance to get featured.


Want to see the visual benefits of Air Lift suspension? This awesome before/after shot of Bobby B’s Subaru STI does it perfectly! Running Air Lift struts and 18in Volk Racing wheels the Subaru’s stance looks insane even with the stock bodywork retained. We’re loving the wingless look with yellow-tinted headlights for extra JDM points, too… Continue reading “#AirLift on Instagram: JDM Special!” »

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JBL Audio Impreza STI gets the Air Lift treatment

Earlier in the week we visited London-based Car Audio & Security to check out another super-cool demo car getting the Air Lift treatment. For the past few years the JBL Audio Subaru Impreza STI has been hitting up shows across the UK with great success, but in 2014 it was time to give it a proper show-worthy stance…


Fitted in-house at Car Audio & Security, Parm and the team have completely transformed the way the JBL Impreza looks by tucking those super-aggressive 18×9.5in Rota Grid Drift wheels deep into the OEM arches. With our V2 digital management neatly integrated into the center console the Subaru’s stance can be perfectly adjusted for daily driving or slammed show use at the touch of a button. Continue reading “JBL Audio Impreza STI gets the Air Lift treatment” »

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GALLERY: Air Lift in Japan – the dream garage?

Happy New Year from Air Lift Performance! As you already know, last month we sent Carl Taylor halfway around the world to install Air Lift suspension over at Liberty Walk in Japan. If you’ve never heard of Liberty Walk, these are the guys responsible for all the crazy modified Lamborghinis and Ferraris plastered all over the internet. Love or hate ‘em, you’ve got to give Kato-san and his team respect for creating some of the most exciting demo cars in the world.

As you’d expect, a car fanatic like Kato-san (with a pretty hefty wallet to match) has one of the most amazing car collections we’ve ever seen, and we don’t just mean super-rare hypercars like the Ferrari F40 and F50. Kato-san loves ALL cars, no matter how weird and wonderful – Carl even spotted a decked out Police car in the front of the building. Check out the following gallery showcasing just a small selection of Kato-san’s rides…

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