Life on Air: The weather outside is frightful..

As much as most of us hate driving our bagged rides in the winter, a lot of us have no choice.  The best thing about air suspension is being able to lift your car to stay out of the white stuff, but the cold temperature can have an affect on your control system. 

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A common problem in winter is that the condensation you have in your system can actually freeze, which will cause a block in your lines or valves.  When this happens your system basically becomes useless and you could become stranded.  However there are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening.

Of course the most obvious fix is to park inside as much as possible to keep your car out of the cold temperatures.  If that is not a possibility, you can use a simple trick that semi-truck drivers use to keep their air systems from freezing, air brake anti-freeze.

Air brake antifreeze is an anhydrous based anti-freeze and conditioner that removes moisture from air your air system.  When you remove the moisture from the system, you have much less chance of anything freezing up and leaving you stranded.

One of the best things about using air brake antifreeze is how easy it is to add to your control system.  Start of by draining all the air from your tank then simply remove one of the fittings and pour in a couple cap fulls of the air brake anti-freeze.  Put your fitting back in the tank and fire up your compressor to pressurize the tank and you are ready for winter driving!

Another option is using a water trap in your set up.  The water trap has a filter that will help remove moisture from the air and will help cut down on the chance of a freeze up.  You just want to make sure your trap does not freeze because of the all the moisture it is collecting, so it is a good idea to add some air brake antifreeze to the water trap as well.


Of course what happens if your system freezes up before you can install the air brake anti-freeze?  You can simply use a hair dryer or a heat gun to help thaw out your valves.

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