Life on air: It’s not perfect

“It’s air ride, it’s not perfect.”  Is one of my favorite quotes from my buddy Kevin at Altered Altitudes in Canada. You know something, he is right!  Air suspension has came a long way from the days of the old cheap leaky fittings and bags. Now days you find parts that are Department of Transportation approved, and pieces so technologically advanced it makes my head hurt!

Even with all the advances in technology, things can still happen unfortunately.  As usual, if things do happen, they never happen as you are pulling into your driveway.  Oh no it happens on the way to the biggest show of the year, or when your bagged family ride is full of kids on the way to Disney Land.  So with that being said let me offer you some advice….

On a recent 3,000 mile adventure, I put together an emergency kit just in case something were to happen.  Keep in mind, this was nothing fancy or expensive to put together and did not take up much room in the car.  First, I started with a few various lengths of hose and an air line  cutter.  Make sure the extra line you choose actually matches the line size you have on your vehicle.  Second was a couple of push to connect unions and tees.  Now if something were to happen to a line I can at least splice in a new section of line and be on my way.  Next up was a couple of push to connect schrader valves, so I could use a gas station air compressor just in case something happened to my compressor or valve manifold.  It is also not a bad idea to take long some electrical pieces as well.  Some length of wire, wire strippers, fuses and connectors can be a real blessing in a pinch.

Add in a few electrical repair parts and hit the road!

Many people do not even know such a fitting exists.  It simply pushes on the air line and you can fill it up just like you would a tire!

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