Double Fresh: Carl Taylor’s Tic Tac E36 M3

Check out Carl Taylor’s favorite creation yet.

By: Air Lift Published: November 4, 2014 Comments: View

Carl Taylor has done the double with his latest creation. Not content with collaborating solely with Brian Henderson of Rotiform fame with a pair of Sarto Racing E36’s for W√∂thersee, he’s also gone one better, and created this M3-based marvel for SEMA 2014.


Taking cues from E30 racers with the same livery, Carl is back with a fresh look for this American build.


Featuring a threaded body Air Lift Performance air ride kit, Cobra racing seats, Rotiform ROC 3 piece wheels and that attention-grabbing bodywork, Carl has also joined forces with BenzWörks in California to get the car ready for the show before driving the 300+ miles to the Las Vegas Convention centre.


This is his favorite creation yet…and with the M3 motor, it’s got the power to back up the race credentials.


I recommend Air Lift to anyone looking to fit their car with a suspension that is track ready, show ready, and daily ready.

- Corey W

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