SPOTLIGHT: Players x Rotiform Air Lift-equipped Mk2 Golf GTI

Not content with having a jaw-dropping Datsun 520 truck on display, the guys at Players decided to bring out another classic for Ultimate Dubs – the Mk2 Golf GTI. Built in collaboration with Rotiform Wheels, this Mk2 Golf is the second in existence to run the brand-new Euro Magic aero, available exclusively through Rotiform Wheels here:

IMG_8655 Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT: Players x Rotiform Air Lift-equipped Mk2 Golf GTI” »

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SPOTLIGHT: The Player’s 1966 Datsun 520

As the first official VAG event of the year, wild creations are almost a guarantee at Ultimate Dubs 2014. What you don’t expect to see is a 1966 Datsun 520 Minitruck…


Who could be responsible for such madness? The warped minds at Players of course! But this isn’t a name and shame post. In fact, the little Datsun turned out to be one of the most-popular cars on display despite its Japanese heritage. Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT: The Player’s 1966 Datsun 520” »

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#AirLift on Instagram: JDM Special!

Air suspension is commonplace in the VAG/Euro scene, but for Japanese car owners it’s just starting to make an impact. One of the big problems is simply lack of availability. So to combat this in 2014, Air Lift Performance has been busy developing high-performance kits for a range of JDM models including favorites from Subaru, Honda, Lexus and even the Nissan GT-R!  We LOVE hearing your feedback and seeing your rides, so this week we’re taking a closer look at some of the JDM cars out there running Air Lift suspension! Want us to see your Instagram pics? Make sure you use the tag #AirLift for a chance to get featured.


Want to see the visual benefits of Air Lift suspension? This awesome before/after shot of Bobby B’s Subaru STI does it perfectly! Running Air Lift struts and 18in Volk Racing wheels the Subaru’s stance looks insane even with the stock bodywork retained. We’re loving the wingless look with yellow-tinted headlights for extra JDM points, too… Continue reading “#AirLift on Instagram: JDM Special!” »

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BUILD: Forge Motorsport air-equipped VW Golf Mk1

Here at Air Lift Performance we’re hugely proud to support a wide range of super-cool project builds around the world. From the latest American Muscle cars to classic German icons, our high-performance air suspension is available for just about anything including the holy grail of Volkswagens – the Mk1 Golf.


One of the most comprehensive Mk1 builds right now belongs to Zac Miles @ Forge Motorsport in the UK. Purchased from eBay for a mere £401 it’s safe to say the Golf needed more than just a quick clean! Rust had taken over various panels, every arch was loaded with filler and worst of all it had been re-painted in orange. Nice. Continue reading “BUILD: Forge Motorsport air-equipped VW Golf Mk1” »

Posted in European, Performance Air Suspension | Comments Off drive the ‘Double Down’ Mustang RTR

Last year Air Lift Performance had the pleasure of teaming up with Vaughn Gittin Jr. on a VERY special project build, the ‘Double Down’ Mustang RTR. This wasn’t going to be your traditional show car, either.Vaughn wanted proper race-tuned handling for the track combined with the visual lows of air suspension – something only Air Lift Performance is proud to offer. The end result is the lean, mean, green machine pictured here and our good friends had the chance to drive Vaughn’s creation late last year…


‘I’ve been looking for a suspension technology that can give me great non-competitive track use, out on the road fun and not put my girlfriend off from getting in the passenger seat. Which is quite honestly what I’ve got here.’ explains Editor in chief Bryn Musselwhite. ‘Now I’m no Vaughn Gittin Jnr so I’ll look forward to his take on things but from my point of view, this is ace. Imagine the ride a great set of coilovers gives you, but just when they run out of travel and things get all stiff, you don’t get the harshness attached.’


The ‘Double Down’ Mustang RTR rides on our threaded-body performance kit complete with adjustable camber plates up front to deliver exceptional handling in all driving conditions. And to control the suspension, our Autopilot V2 digital control system was cleanly integrated into the interior allowing JR to change things up at the push of a button. You can check out Bryn’s full review and road trip on the RTR by visiting the following link:

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