Speedhunters.com drive the ‘Double Down’ Mustang RTR

Last year Air Lift Performance had the pleasure of teaming up with Vaughn Gittin Jr. on a VERY special project build, the ‘Double Down’ Mustang RTR. This wasn’t going to be your traditional show car, either.Vaughn wanted proper race-tuned handling for the track combined with the visual lows of air suspension – something only Air Lift Performance is proud to offer. The end result is the lean, mean, green machine pictured here and our good friends Speedhunters.com had the chance to drive Vaughn’s creation late last year…


‘I’ve been looking for a suspension technology that can give me great non-competitive track use, out on the road fun and not put my girlfriend off from getting in the passenger seat. Which is quite honestly what I’ve got here.’ explains Speedhunters.com Editor in chief Bryn Musselwhite. ‘Now I’m no Vaughn Gittin Jnr so I’ll look forward to his take on things but from my point of view, this is ace. Imagine the ride a great set of coilovers gives you, but just when they run out of travel and things get all stiff, you don’t get the harshness attached.’


The ‘Double Down’ Mustang RTR rides on our threaded-body performance kit complete with adjustable camber plates up front to deliver exceptional handling in all driving conditions. And to control the suspension, our Autopilot V2 digital control system was cleanly integrated into the interior allowing JR to change things up at the push of a button. You can check out Bryn’s full review and road trip on the RTR by visiting the following link: http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/02/escape-las-vegasdouble-burn/#chapter-leaving-las-vegas

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TECH: Installing Air Lift on the ‘Double Down’ Mustang RTR

When Vaughn Gittin Jr. approached Air Lift earlier in the year with an upcoming project car, we were more than happy to oblige given his performance background and reputation as one of the world’s best drifters! But Vaughn didn’t just want to achieve the lows associated with air suspension; he wanted PROPER performance that can be used competitively on the road and track. Introducing the ‘Double Down’ Mustang RTR, a project built for SEMA that features dual personalities – aggressive looks when slammed on the ground and superb all-round driving when on the move.


Instead of just fit the kit and unveil the car at SEMA, we wanted Vaughn and the team to get a true feel for Air Lift suspension including just how easy it is to install and setup. Keith Charvonia from Speedhunters.com would be performing and documenting the install process, so Air Lift’s Brian Vinson headed over to give a helping hand and setup the Mustang perfectly for its intended use. Continue reading “TECH: Installing Air Lift on the ‘Double Down’ Mustang RTR” »

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SEMA 2013: Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Double Down Mustang RTR

We may be approaching the end of 2013 but work never slows down here at Air Lift Performance! We’re hugely excited to now be an official partner of Speedhunters.com, and to kick things off we’ve teamed up with drifting superstar Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his awesome ‘Double Down Mustang RTR’ project…


‘This project came about very organically after I received a call from a friend at Ford who just so happened to take some hot laps in Air Lift’s R&D car at a local track day in Michigan’ Vaughn explains. ‘He was ranting and raving about how it felt. I reached out to Brian at Air Lift via a phone call and after nerding out on all the details of this new technology was very surprised at what they have developed.’ Continue reading “SEMA 2013: Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Double Down Mustang RTR” »

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Air Lift Performance @ American Muscle 2013

Earlier this month Air Lift Performance paid a little visit to Delaware Community College for the 5th annual American Muscle Mustang Show, a family-friendly event to celebrate all generations of America’s favorite pony!

Mustang owners don’t need much of an excuse to get together, but the American Muscle Show aims to raise money for a range of good causes including the charity Alex’s Lemonade Stand which helps those children diagnosed with cancer.

Continue reading “Air Lift Performance @ American Muscle 2013” »

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Air Lift Performance @ Mustang Week 2013

It’s safe to say in the world of American Muscle Cars the Ford Mustang is undoubtedly king! Since 1964 it’s graced our hallowed land with a recipe that’s remained relatively unchanged – a thumping 8-cylinder engine up front delivering power to the rear wheels all wrapped up in a super-sleek body. It’s an unmistakable icon, and as you’d expect it’s picked up quite a following in nearly 70-years of service…


Most car clubs these days hold meets. If it’s a really popular model, that get together might last the entire day. Safe to say it’s a bit different for Mustang owners, who spend a week celebrating all generations and models with the likes of drag racing, show and shine, Autocross and even a dyno shoot-out! Best of all this giant celebration is backed by key sponsors including Ford, Roush and of course Air Lift Performance.


Mustang Week 2013 kicked off on Tuesday 16th July with a meet-n-greet @ Palace Theatre, the perfect opportunity to meet likeminded fans, ask those questions you’ve always wanted to know and generally put names to faces. Wednesday saw hundreds of Mustangs take to the Myrtle Beach Speedway for a spot of Autocross, followed by a dyno and drag shoot-out @ Darlington Dragway on Thursday 18th giving owners the chance to prove their worth and power mods! Continue reading “Air Lift Performance @ Mustang Week 2013” »

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