Throwback Thursday: NASCAR, The Good Old Days!

Air Lift Company has been the name in dependable air spring suspension products since 1949. Air Lift’s original product, a rubber air spring inserted into a car factory’s coil spring, was first created and patented in 1950. This air spring proved advantageous to early years of stock car racers and was the suspension of choice for over twenty years and almost every stock car racing team on the NASCAR Grand National Circuit… That is until they were deemed an unfair advantage!

Rest assured, Air Lift has the pedigree and experience to make your air suspension system ride and handle superbly.

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RANDOM SNAP: Elmo’s Air Lift-equipped TT-RS

Regular visitors of the Air Lift Performance website will already be acquainted with Liam ‘Elmo’ Elmore and his air-equipped Audi TT-S. In 2013 Elmo travelled all across Europe to shows including Worthersee and M.I.V.W, taking full advantage of the super-comfortable Air Lift ride quality while racking up thousands of miles in the process. Fast forward nearly 12-months and Elmo’s back with another air-equipped Audi – this time choosing the full fat, 355bhp TT-RS model!

Style AND performance – Elmo’s TT-RS looks absolutely stunning even on the stock Audi wheels. Using a full Air Lift Performance Threaded Body kit (fitted by Design4 Automotive) Elmo can precisely set the ride height either parked up or on the move using our AutoPilot V2 digital management. It’s not all for show, either. This comprehensive air setup boasts double bellow springs, monotube struts and 30-level adjustable damping for precise handling on the street or on the track.

‘I’m seriously in love with this car and the moment – it drives absolutely incredible!’ Elmo tells us. ‘I can’t express just how far Shiv and the Design4 time went to put this together for me, I can’t wait to get the wheels sorted for it.’ We can’t wait to see how Elmo’s TT-RS progresses over the next few months and look forward to seeing it up close- we’ll bring you a full feature very soon!


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Air Lift Performance Mk1 Audi S3 (99-03) Slam Series air suspension kit

Performance, practicality and German reliability – what’s not to love about the Mk1 Audi S3? Its 1.8-turbo engine delivers 225bhp through all four wheels and early examples can be had for very little money. Combine this with our latest Slam Series Performance air suspension and the result is a show worthy car without sacrificing usability.

IMG_93051-711x1024Put simply, coilover suspension cannot compete with the versatility of Air Lift. This kit will get you lower than any coil suspension while still providing crisp handling and a smooth ride thanks to the use of double bellow air springs all round. Once fitted, the Mk1 Audi S3 can be lowered (from stock height) up to 5.8-inches on the front axle and 4.8-inches on the rear. In order to achieve the lowest drop possible, the Air Lift Performance bags compress to an amazingly slim 2.3-inches allowing even the biggest wheels to tuck hard (providing they clear the fenders). Continue reading “Air Lift Performance Mk1 Audi S3 (99-03) Slam Series air suspension kit” »

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SPOTLIGHT: KD Designs MK4 Golf

Kyle Duquesnay’s sublime MK4 Golf wouldn’t look out of place on Europe’s most hotly contested show fields. But how did it evolve on its journey from stocker to fully worked show car? Often the journey is as exciting as the outcome, and with an outcome as good as this… we were itching to find out more!


This particular build came to Kyle at KD Designs with the brief of a simple engine bay clean up, but part way through the original owner lost focus with the build. So Kyle kept the dream alive by purchasing the red MK4 1.8T from him. From then on it was full steam ahead to show just what the Rhode Island firm could do. Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT: KD Designs MK4 Golf” »

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Fast Car’s Cover girl 350z gets the Air Lift makeover!

It’s always awesome to see Air Lift Performance supported in the media, and this month’s issue of Fast Car Magazines features the ‘Dream Build’ Nissan 350Z slammed on Air Lift Performance suspension. Built in just a few weeks the guys at Fast Car wanted a super-cool project with all the usability, performance and style a cover car should feature. Fast forward to now and it’s safe to say they’ve ticked all the right boxes! We’ll be bringing you an exclusive look behind the scenes of this build along with details on the air suspension install. Until then, check out the cover below and grab your online copy here:



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