A look inside Air Lift

Air Lift Company has a long and storied history in Lansing, Michigan since 1949.  Over the years products have changed, people have changed, buildings have even changed, but one thing that has not changed is the commitment to producing a quality product.  The dedicated staff has been the backbone of success over the years, concentrating on producing the best vehicle suspension components possible.

After years of producing air bags for load support and towing purposes, in 1999 Air Lift expanded it’s focus to custom vehicles.  The Easy Street division of Air Lift was created and thrived on the huge mini-trucker trend that was sweeping across the U.S.  A little over ten years later Easy Street was given a name change and a complete revamp.  Air Lift Performance was born with a focus on not only going low, but also much improved ride quality and race car like handling.

We are very excited to partner with our friends at AWOL.TV to produce some behind the scenes video giving you a look at the inner workings of Air Lift Company and Air Lift Performance.

A look inside Air Lift from Air Lift Performance on Vimeo.

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