Camaro with a Cause

If you watch the news at all or keep on current events, it can be pretty easy to loose faith in humanity. Then comes along someone that does something so selfless, it helps to put a little faith back in your fellow man. Andrew Herold just so happens to be one of those people.

Andrew took a second gen Camaro that had been in his family for 30 years and turned it into a project entilted Passionately Pink. Now pink is probably the last color you think of when you think of cars, but in this case pink is a truly amazing thing. You see Andrew built this car to help raise money for breast cancer. The car will be auctioned off at this years Mecum Auction in Dallas on September 6-8, and a large stack of green backs will be donated to the Save The Ta-Tas Foundation

Over 70 manufacturers stepped up to the plate to help make Passionately Pink a reality. Air Lift Performance jumped on board and built a one-off air suspension controlled by the Auto Pilot V2 to help this second gen hover over the 19″ Fikse rims wrapped in Toyo rubber. Power comes from a 376cid GM LS2 massaged by Victory Racing Engines  and topped with a fully polished Magnuson supercharger . The list of one-off parts and pieces is enough to keep you checking out the car for days.

So whether you have $300,000 or $3 in your wallet take a second and realize how much any type of donation could help someone with breast cancer. You may have the opportunity to help someone’s grandmother, mother or daughter after all helping out is what it should all be about. Everyone at Air Lift Performance wishes the best of luck for Passionately Pink as it is nearing auction time.


Special thanks to Patrick Krupa Photography for the amazing pictures.


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